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All states require vehicle insurance for your business in order to transit, covering your company’s liability if you or your drivers cause accidents. There are several coverages, each of which is designed to protect your business and your personal assets from financial loss.


Covers all vehicles listed on a business owner’s commercial vehicle policy, whether owned, non-owned, or hired. It may also extend to those vehicles you add during the policy’s term, even if you forget to inform your insurance company.

Motor Truck Cargo

This coverage is requested mainly by Trucking For Hire, Common Carrier or Authorization For Hire businesses, since the cargo belongs to a third party, and this will require the insured to have this coverage to cover the cargo. The limits are assigned by the company that supplies the cargo to the insured, these range from $ 5,000 to $ 500,000 , but in most cases the requested limit is: $ 100,000 .


General Liability

A coverage for Jobs that suffer negligence. It increases the limit of existing coverage. It can be applied to Liability, General Liability, and Motor Truck Cargo coverages.

Physical Damage

It is a non-mandatory primary coverage for carriers. It is the way to secure the material property of the policyholder. Coverages: Damage caused by natural disasters, theft or fire; collision or overturn.


Trailer Interchange

It covers when the trailers in which the loads are transported do not belong to the insured, but to the company for which he works, it may be two or more trailers that this company will supply and therefore they would not be identified, but they require him to have a “Physical Damage” policy. The appraisal of the Trailer Interchange is required by the company for which the insured Works.

Bobtail & Non Trucking Liability

Coverage that offers liability protection when the truck is being operated for non-commercial or dispatch activities, even if the tractor has a trailer hooked but must be empty.

Camion 5

Excess Liability

It allows the insured to extend or increase the limit to only one of the third party liability policies (Liability, Motor Trucking Cargo or General Liability).


It allows to extend or increase the limit of one or more of the policies for third parties (Liability, Motor Trucking Cargo and / or General Liability).

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